Upcoming Presentations – Society for Reproductive Investigation, 2016

Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI) Annual Meeting

March 16-2016

Montreal, Canada


Whole exome sequencing of endometriosis patients uncovers mutations with large effects

K. Ward, R. Chettier, H.M. Albertsen

Four genes consistently associated with endometriosis suggest that aberrant epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition is an initiating factor in the pathogenesis of endometriosis

K. Ward, R. Chettier, H.M. Albertsen

Novel candidate genes for endometriosis were identified by exome analysis of high risk endometriosis families that share rare damaging variants in multiple families

Ward, R. Chettier, H.M. Albertsen

Key endometriosis genes show very low mutations rates indicating these genes have essential functions during embryonic development and suggests a role in endometriosis-related infertility

H.M. Albertsen, R. Chettier, K. Ward

Distant relative pair analysis identifies a DNA repair gene POLN associated with familial endometriosis

R. Chettier, H.M. Albertsen, K. Ward

Replication study implicates IL33 and PDE1C as candidate genes for endometriosis

K. Ward, R. Chettier, H.M. Albertsen