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Juneau Biosciences Poised To Launch Novel Women’s Health Tests in 2018Man holding invitation to Join Us

Juneau Biosciences is a privately held medical genetics company conducting groundbreaking research to develop innovative diagnostic products for diseases that predominantly affect women. Launched in early 2007, the Salt Lake City, Utah-based firm has deployed $35 million so far toward the development of novel molecular diagnostics and therapeutics for endometriosis, a condition estimated to affect approximately 10% of reproductive-age females.

Next year, Juneau will launch ARTGuide™, a non-invasive diagnostic test for endometriosis, which targets unmet needs in the infertility market. Juneau’s second product, EndoRisk®, targets the larger OB/GYN market leveraging corporate partnerships. Juneau has disruptive technologies and a strong intellectual property position.

Endometriosis is a leading cause of infertility (present in half of infertile women). The only diagnostic tool today for endometriosis is surgical exploration which is expensive, subjective, and burdened by a greater than 50% misdiagnosis rate. In a market survey, two-thirds of infertility specialists interviewed expressed doubt about their ability to “very confidently” diagnose endometriosis using history and physical examination. ARTGuide™ focuses on US women with infertility seeing 3,000 ART specialists at 480 infertility centers in the US. Juneau will launch a high-margin, laboratory- developed test for infertility performed in our CLIA reference laboratory.

Subsequently, Juneau hopes to launch an FDA approved kit (sold through partners with established franchises in women’s health) for evaluation of symptomatic women. Over 25 million women in the United States are being evaluated or treated for chronic pelvic pain at any time, and endometriosis is often the underlying cause of their pain. Additional revenues will come from out-licensing novel drug targets for preventing and treating endometriosis.

Juneau Biosciences’ knowledgeable team, state-of-the-art facilities, and innovative research techniques give us a unique advantage in developing diagnostics and treatments for women.

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