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If you have had gynecological surgery due to pelvic pain or infertility, you can play a significant role in this important and exciting research. We are looking for women who have endometriosis and for comparison groups who did not have endometriosis found at surgery.

Our team of scientists have identified genes that may predispose women to endometriosis. This genetic knowledge may lead to new, non-invasive diagnostic tests and therapies. Participants can make a considerable difference in the lives of millions of women worldwide by filling out a few forms, donating a DNA sample or saliva sample, and grant our study doctor permission to review medical records related to your condition.

Participation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Complete a brief questionnaire
  2. Submit a DNA sample in the form of saliva – no blood draw is required!
  3. Allow us to review your operative report or pregnancy records

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