GenDB Genealogy Database

Juneau Biosciences has exclusive access to GenDB, an expansive, proprietary genealogy database which expedites disease gene discoveries. The extensive database of multi-generational genealogical records provides an unparalleled resource for genetic research.

GenDB documents the relationships among over 30 million ancestors of the present day western U.S. population and was constructed from more than 50,000 genealogy data sources in the public domain. More than 60% of the individuals in the database have 10 or more generations of ancestors. In many instances, pedigrees of more than 25 generations have been constructed with GenDB.

Juneau Biosciences has used GenDB to establish the heritability of endometriosis and preterm labor. By knowing the historical familial link among apparently unrelated individuals, Juneau’s scientists have performed sophisticated identity-by-descent approaches to finding these disease genes.